February Open Mic 3-Poem Special!

Heads up all you poets who complain about the one poem/one page Open Mic rule–In February you have the opportunity to read as many as 3 poems!  But of course there’s a catch–in addition to a poem that you’ve written, usual rules, you can also read responses to our 2 Valentine’s verse gone wild prompts.  Courtney LeBlanc came up with a delicious little prompt (that’s a hint) that we will share with you at the reading and you can work on the following one now or at the reading where we will build in a short quick write break:

Lucinda’s Roses are Red prompt:  Write a 4 line verse in the traditional Roses are red/violets are blue form.  For instance:

Roses are red/Violets are blue/the 3rd and 4th lines/are entirely up to you.

Have fun but beware–this is addictive!


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