Books By DiVerse Poets

Many of the poets who have or will be reading at the  DiVerse Gaithersburg Poetry Reading and Open Mic have books available for sale.  Below is a list of books with links to places where you can buy them that have been provided by the poets.  Your purchase helps support our poets and you get the enjoyment of reading their work!

Beete, Paulette:  Blues for a Pretty Girl

Bracken, Ann: No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom
Bracken, Ann: The Altar of Innocence

Browning, Sarah:  Killing Summer
Browning, Sarah: Whiskey in the Garden of Eden

Carlson, Nancy Naomi: Hammer with No Master (by René Char) (Translation)
Carlson, Nancy Naomi: The Nomads, My Brothers, Go Out to Drink from the Big Dipper(by ​Abdourahman A. Waberi) (Translation)
Carlson, Nancy Naomi: Stone Lyre: Poems of René Char (Translation)
Carlson, Nancy Naomi: Calazaza’s Delicious Dereliction (by ​Suzanne Dracius) (Translation)
Carlson, Nancy Naomi: Complications of the Heart
Carlson, Nancy Naomi: Kings Highway

Carpenter, Jay Hall:  Dark and Light
Carpenter, Jay Hall:  101 Limericks, Inappropriate for All Occasions

Chertock, Marlena: Crumb-sized
Chertock, Marlena: On that one-way trip to Mars

Davis, Teri Ellen Cross: Haint
Davis, Teri Ellen Cross: Not Without Our Laughter

Jett, Luther: Not Quite: Poems Written in Search of my Father

King, Alan: Drift and POINT BLANK

Lee, Kateema: Almost Invisible

Luce, Gregory: Signs of Small Grace (contact Greg at to purchase)
Luce, Gregory: Drinking Weather
Luce, Gregory: Tile

Narayanan, Vivek: Life and Times of Mr S
Narayanan, Vivek: Universal Beach

Ratz:  Matthew: Lightning Bugs in Fragile Jars

Roberts, Kim: The Scientific Method
Roberts, Kim: Fortune’s Favor: Scott in Antarctica
Roberts, Kim: Animal Magnetism
Roberts, Kim: Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC (anthology)

Ross, Joseph:  ACHE,
Ross, Joseph:  Gospel of Dust, Meeting Bone Man

Shovan, Laura: Mountain, Log, Salt, and Stone,
Shovan, Laura:  Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems
Shovan, Laura: The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary

Wallace, Jennifer: Almost Entirely
Wallace, Jennifer: The Want Fire
Wallace, Jennifer: It Can Be Solved By Walking

Winn, Sarah Ann: Alma Almanac
Winn, Sarah Ann: Haunting the Last House on Holland Island, Fallen into the Bay

Wolf, Michele: Immersion
Wolf, Michele: Conversations During Sleep
Wolf, Michele: The Keeper of Light

Young, Katherine E: Day of the Border Guards